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How African Sculpture Influences Modern Art

Many African schools of art study Western art and glorify the innovations of the “Cubists”, “Fauvists” and “Expressionists”, yet the genii of these works are rooted in African aesthetics and stylistic renderings.

Wine Dine Africa

Toronto, Canada – Zimbabwe native and Canadian Patience Chirisa–whose love of and expertise in preparation of African cuisine was first showcased on Rogers TV...

Mozambique Establishes Africa’s Largest Coastal Marine Reserve

Mozambique has just announced the creation of Africa’s largest coastal marine reserve by establishing a 10-island archipelago in a bid to protect all forms of marine life in the region.
marikana massacre

The Selling of a Massacre: Media Complicity in Marikana Repression

The 16th of August 2012 will surely join March 23 1960* and June 16 1976** as a day of infamy in South African history.

Confronting the African Political Dilemma

The challenge concerning moral and productive political leadership in Africa is essentially the age-old conflict between patriotism and personal gain.

Ancient African sculpture discovered after 2,000 years in the mud

Many incredible works of art have been made using terracotta, including the world famous Terracotta Army created for the first emperor of China. But because terracotta is often simply unglazed clay, many of the finest works were lost long ago.