Saturday, December 5, 2020
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Unilever South Africa takes further steps after ‘racist’ TRESemmé advert

The South African unit of Unilever UNA.ASULVR.L will set up an advisory board and a diversity committee after apologising for a hair care advert which it admitted was "racist", the consumer group said on Friday.

African nations seek scrutiny of US, others over racism

The European Union and some Western nations appealed Tuesday for more time to discuss a resolution drafted for the U.N.’s top human rights body that seeks international scrutiny of systemic racism against people of African descent in response to the recent killings of African Americans by police.

South African sentenced for racist comment that went viral

South Africa has imposed a $3,300 fine or 2-year prison term on a man convicted for racist comments in a video that went viral last year.

UEFA plans tougher sanctions to combat racism

MANCHESTER, England – European soccer governing body UEFA are planning to introduce tough new sanctions to combat racism with players found guilty of racist offences banned for a minimum of 10 matches, UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino said on Wednesday.